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Buying a Tuscan vacation property sounds like a distant dream. Tuscany can still be affordable but requires a certain know-how to purchase, renovate and manage properties. We did it and you can too.

Tuscany vacation properties were the last thing on my mind. With a morning deadline looming, I prepared for another sleepless night of work. Like others stuck in the rut of daily life, I couldn’t help but feel that I was not living but merely existing. 

Senses numbed from too many hours looking at a screen, productivity began to wane. In the early morning hours my computer emitted a curiously cheerful “bling”. A chat box appeared… 

Are you still awake?

Six hours ahead of Toronto time, my sister noticed I was still online. After a brief chat, she suggested that I meet up with her in Italy. Initially I replied “No-way! I can’t.” but ultimately was convinced to pack up the kids and visit for a few weeks while working remotely.

It would be a life-changing experience.

After a few days I adjusted to the Tuscan pace of life. Good weather, good food & wine, beautiful places and authentic people had a profound effect. My senses were awakened and my mind was in a healthy space. I felt engaged and connected to life.

“I’m still not sure how it happened so fast… I bought an Italian property.”

On a perfect evening while walking through the cobblestoned streets of Suvereto, I stopped at an estate agent’s window. Two things immediately jumped out at me:

  1. The old exposed stone apartments were gorgeous.
  2. Compared to the prices back home, these properties were affordable.

Shortly after, I called my husband to tell him I had bought an apartment in Tuscany. Confused he said, “Most people would just buy shoes as a souvenir… you bought property?!

The apartment was a great space in a monastery built 700 years ago, although it was definitely a fixer-upper.

I returned to Suvereto many times to oversee the renovations. I even got my hands dirty and did some work myself. It was frustrating at first. The infamous Italian bureaucracy and small town drama presented its challenges.

Despite all this, I saw an opportunity to create something special.  This excited me… I felt alive. As my Italian improved, I began to build a circle of trustworthy people. Soon I was able to buy and renovate more properties.

My intent is to design vacation properties to modern international standards while respecting their old-world charm. This fusion is the philosophy behind the name “Borgo Boutique”. Part Italian, part international. Part medieval village (a borgo) & part modern boutique hotel.

Ultimately, these properties are special because the people & town of Suvereto are special. 

I am excited to share my apartments & this amazing town with all of you. Whether you are looking to visit us, follow us online, want to invest in your very own Italian property or just have questions please contact us… we would love to hear from you!

Raffaella Gal

Raffaella Gal is the entrepreneurial spirit behind the Borgo Boutique project.

For over 25 years, Raffaella has been a graphic designer specializing in corporate event presentations across Canada & the USA. Her passions include interior design, renovation and creating cozy vibes. Needless to say, there is no OFF on the designer switch.
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Nuno Martins is the media and content producer for Borgo Boutique.